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Tel: 01206 210003

Turbodan Trailer Drier

The Turbodan is the successor to the Farrell and is manufactured in Denmark. There are 3 models available, TD-15, TD-18 and the TD-25. Based on a hot air temperature of 100-120 degrees (Feed Wheat Only) and a cooling time of approximately 30 minutes you can expect to achieve between 4-5% moisture extraction per load within a 2 hour period – allowing for loading and unloading.

A Turbodan offers a number of unique selling points:

  • 100% effective mobile drying
  • Entirely free of fixed installations
  • Will dry up to 300 t per 24 hours (Based on TD-25)
  • Simple operation
  • Attractive second hand value

Typical horsepower requirement for the TD-15 are 100-120hp running at 1000 rpm on the pto. Anticipated fuel usage is 40-50 litres per hour combined for tractor and trailer. The equivalent figures for the TD-18 are 110-130hp and 45-55 litres per hour respectively.

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Video of a Turbodan trailer drier in operation.