Tel: 01206 210003
Tel: 01206 210003

Sports Field and Course Irrigation

Are you spending hours not only trying to ensure your sports field is looking good but also plays well for your team.  Tey Farm Systems provide a range of solutions from portable sprinklers to fully automated irrigation systems.

Your fully automated sports pitch irrigation system will consist of a water storage tank and pump; control systems; pipework around the pitch and pop-up sprinklers mounted either around the perimeter of the pitch or playing area, or placed at intervals in the playing area with turf caps to fully hide the sprinklers from view.

We offer;

  • For clubs and schools with multiple sports pitches, a pump, tank and control equipment to operate irrigation systems for a number of pitches.
  • For clubs and schools on a smaller budget, a travelling sprinkler can be used to water single or multiple pitches. The system includes a water storage tank and pump; pipework to each pitch and a single travelling sprinkler.

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