Tel: 01206 210003
Tel: 01206 210003

Grain Handling

You know how vital the crops you produce are to your business, and how important it is for you to have well engineered facilities installed to enable you to process and care for them to your best ability until you load them for despatch.

You will not be disappointed if you contact us for your next improvement of facilities because our experience and expertise will mean your installation will be configured to meet your objectives.

Your situation is different from others, but we offer advice and solutions to be cost effective and to allow flexibility as your demands change.

Whatever your requirements, be it repairs, replacement of a worn out bearing, upgrading of existing equipment, or construction of all new crop drying and storage facilities, Tey Farm Systems are certainly your partner for successful implementation of your objectives.

We offer a complete specialist service: from advice and planning, through detail consideration and design, to installation and construction, followed with operator training, and full after-sales on-going maintenance and servicing.

Quote of the year:
“Thanks for all your help and wisdom,
the dryer is working beautifully.”

For further information please call Tey Farm Systems on 01206 210003, or visit our contact page

Included within the scope of our abilities are:

  • Grain drying, processing, handling and storage
  • Continuous flow dryers
  • Cleaners, graders and aspirators
  • Machinery – elevators, conveyors, screws, augers, blowers
  • Air ducts – timber and steel
  • Timber floors and drive-over lateral systems
  • Stirrers – portable and fixed
  • Heaters – modulating propane gas burning
  • Buildings – all shapes and sizes
  • Silos – circular, rectangular, outdoors, indoors, flat and hopper bottomed
  • Ground and concrete works
  • Aeration and conditioning systems
  • Electronic monitors and controls
  • General ventilation equipment
  • Vegetable storage and conditioning
  • Livestock facilities