Tel: 01206 210003
Tel: 01206 210003

Crop Stirrers

Stirrers ease the airflow through the stored crop offering the user the ability to store at greater depths. 

Fan sizes can be up to 50% smaller than those compared with static stores greatly reducing the need for large power supplies.  This does not mean that drying rates are slower; on the contrary drying times are reduced as stirrers help to condition the crop as grain is moved and mixed giving even airflow and accurate drying removing hotspots.

Tey Farm Systems offer stirrers as both fixed installations or portable units.  Most existing stores can be retro-fitted with a stirrer but in those cases where a stirrer is required simply to facilitate air movement during a wet harvest a portable unit may be more suitable.

Fixed installations are available for floors up to 15.8m wide and depths of up to 4.2m. 

Portable stirrers are available with auger lengths up to 4m and are available as single or double units, manual or remote controlled.